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Sofa bed / Merry-go-round

Balance & Confidence
  • Hi! I am a sofa that can be turned into a merry-go-round in just a few steps. Remove my cushion, then take out the supports, place them into the recessed holes and here I am! Ask to decorate me with paint and fabric colours of your choice at no extra cost.

    Strengthen your child’s balance system through the use of a merry-go-round, which will help your child acquire confidence that they can maintain a position without falling. You can find useful information about children’s play here.

    This limited edition design art furniture was part of an installation at the Athens Artwall Gallery, which created a house interior that motivated parents and children to give up electronics and gadgets and engage in family fun interactions.

    This product can be tailored to your needs and preferences. When you place your order, you won’t be asked to make a payment. One of our design consultants will contact you about customising your order. For more information, click on the shipping and returns box below.

  • Description
    Care & details

    > Limited edition furniture with numbered certificate of authenticity.

    > Handmade in Greece by experienced local craftsmen.

    > Made with care from 100% natural wood.

    > Handpainted with water-based lacquered paint and varnish.

    > Clean with a soft, slightly wet, lint-free cloth

  • Ethaca is committed to supporting local craftsmanship across Europe that uses sustainable processes and to ensuring that all furniture is manufactured using fairtrade working conditions. Our transformer furniture invites you to think smart, decide green and buy flexible. Quality furniture is about being eye-catching, functional and environmentally friendly.

    . . .about our furniture:

    > 100% recycled natural wood.

    > Eco-friendly, water-based lacquered paint.

    > Eco-friendly soluble and polyurethane varnishes.

    > Product adaptation for assembly and disassembly to reduce transport C02 emissions.

    > Minimum quantity of different types of materials used to aid separability and recyclability at the end of the product’s life cycle.




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