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Table / Table Tennis
June 20, 2016

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Table / Table Tennis

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Hi! I am a dining table that can be turned into a table tennis in just a few steps. Turn my tabletop around, then place my table tennis equipment and here I am! Ask to decorate me with paint colours and wood finishes of your choice at no extra cost.

Develop your child’s interaction and communication skills through table tennis. You can find useful information about children’s play here.

This limited edition design art furniture was part of an installation at the Athens Artwall Gallery, which created a house interior that motivated parents and children to give up electronics and gadgets and engage in family fun interactions.

This product can be tailored to your needs and preferences. When you place your order, you won’t be asked to make a payment. One of our design consultants will contact you about customising your order. For more information, click on the shipping and returns box below.


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Eva Sakellaridi is an education consultant and a researcher at the University College London (UCL), Institute of Education (IoE). She has a BA in English Language and Literature (2006), a Diploma in TESOL (2010) and a Certificate in Educational Psychology (2011). She also holds a MA in Education with Distinction from the University of Bath (2014). Among Eva’s main broad fields of interest are character education, educational psychology, school leadership and school improvement. Prior to becoming an education consultant, Eva worked in a range of public and private, preschool, primary and secondary educational organisations, universities and charities in a variety of capacities including classroom teacher, remedial teacher, student mentor, education programme manager and deputy school manager. Throughout her teaching career, she has observed that most children acquire academic skills more effortlessly and quicker compared to lifelong skills and has witnessed many and various cases of parental anxiety and concern about children’s character development and learning. As a result, Eva has always used scientific research to explore and personalise old and new pedagogical methods to empower both children and their parents.

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Welcome to “Penelope’s Loom”! This is the name of our collection of educational articles that includes only research-based information on education, educational psychology and parenting, taken from sources such as scientific publications, reviews of research and government reports. Our aim is to offer our readers objective, authentic, scholarly information in a clear and simple way. If you would like to learn more about any of the themes tackled in our articles, feel free to contact us at and we will send you an e-copy of the references and/or further readings.


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