The Academic Development Consulting (ADC) programmes were developed when we saw the need for a more personal approach to assisting students with their BA, MA and PhD applications and studies. With us, the student gets one-on-one guidance with no intermediaries involved; it will be just you and your tutor.


Studying abroad is difficult and having to write assignments in English, when English is not your first language can be quite intimidating. For these reasons, international students feel the need to look for help, guidance and mentoring.


Some of the most common problems international students face include: limited access to tutors due to time restrictions, limited academic feedback due to time constraints, poor second language resources, lack of individualised aid or training for literature reviews and methodologies.


This is where we can help. We have a dedicated expert team of highly skilled educationalists that can help, guide and mentor students. Our educationalists can speak with you as often as you ask for and for as long as you would like.