BA level


BA application process
Assignments proofreading
Assignments content editing
Emotional support
Mock interviews

MA level


MA application process
Assignments/Dissertation proofreading
Assignments content editing
Emotional support
Mock interviews


PhD level


PhD application process
PhD Thesis proofreading
PhD thesis content editing
Emotional support
Mock interviews
English Language
Academic English


Applications (BA/ MA/ PhD level)


Applying for a degree, be it a BA, an MA or a PhD can be quite a stressful and time-consuming process. We are here to help you go through a smooth application process, helping you develop and adjust your application to meet the requirements of your dream University or Universities. We will also help you craft your CV and personal statement, as well as help you develop your PhD research proposal. We can also discuss with you and advise you about which Universities are considered leading Universities in your chosen subject field.



PhD Research Proposal Guidance


A well-developed research proposal is a critical first step for students seeking to apply for a PhD. We make sure we explain to our students the function, purpose and components of a research proposal. For students who know what they want to study for a PhD, we help them narrow down the scope of their topic and refine it. For those students who are not sure about what to do for a PhD, we help them come up with a topic and then help them develop it by offering constructive feedback. Students can have as many one-on-one tutorials with their tutors as they want, until the research proposal is finished.



PhD Thesis Guidance

No one ever said that doing a PhD was easy. All PhD students need support and guidance. We help students throughout their PhD journey, by arranging weekly and monthly tutorials (based on our students’ needs), organizing mock upgrades, providing feedback on chapters, such as the literature review and methodology and preparing students for their viva voce. We also help students to publish their work.


Proofreading (Assignments/ Dissertation/ PhD Thesis)


Proofreading is a very important element of producing a great written document. It is a critical part of the writing process that involves reading a written document carefully and thoroughly in order to identify and correct grammar, punctuation, spelling, vocabulary and formatting errors. Good writing always involves modification and revision, and proofreading is a fundamental part of this process. All tutors require of students that their work is proofread before the final submission.



Assignments & Dissertation content editing (BA/MA level)

Course assignments are extremely important as they contribute towards students’ final course mark or grade. The most common written assignments that students are asked to produce are essays or reports. The academic assignment titles or essay questions which university tutors set in the UK are often quite long and complex. They can also involve a number of questions rather than just one. We are here to help students understand what is required by an assignment before students start working on it and then to guide them through towards its completion by providing students with critical and constructive feedback. We also help students with their dissertations from the beginning till the end.





The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is the world’s most popular English language proficiency test for higher education. IELTS assesses all of your English skills — reading, writing, listening and speaking, and is designed to reflect how you will use English at study, at work, and at play, in your new life abroad. We offer online one-to-one IELTS lessons, which aim to sharpen your techniques and strategies in each IELTS component, from the comfort of your own home.



Academic English:


Many students may feel confident in using English in everyday situations, but the kind of English they need for study is rather different. It is what is known as ‘academic English’ and is the type of English students need for a) reading and understanding their study materials; and b) writing assignments about their subject. We are here to help you by focusing on key areas, such as: writing assignments on specific topics, taking effective notes, and preparing and giving academic presentations. We will also help you understand issues, such as referencing, how to avoid plagiarism, and other important issues that students will need to know at University.


Emotional Support (BA/MA/PhD level)


Many students suffer from mental health problems, including anxiety and depression. A major source of stress is the university workload, followed by a concern over finding a job after university. These issues can become particularly intense for international students, who often struggle to adjust to their new surroundings, far from home and their family. We aim to improve students’ mood and emotional wellbeing by getting them in touch with other students, as well as organising stress management online sessions.


Mock Interviews (BA/MA/PhD level & Job Interviews)


As with every skill, talent, and expertise, the more you do it, the better you’ll be at it. Practice makes perfect—particularly with interviews. A mock interview is a key exercise to help prepare for an interview. We help students prepare for common interview questions, formulate smart answers and identify and improve any weaknesses. We point students in the right direction with suggestions, such as allowing to smile and relax a bit, answering with more confidence and enthusiasm, and using the right words and expressions.